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To give you my background, I’m from Lebanon and completed High School and later became a diploma holder in Information Technology at Abdul Hadi Al-Debs Institute. Moved to Kuwait in 2011 to start my job at an Arab computer service company,where I quickly got promotedtoDirector of the IT Department. In 2013, I realized my passion for marketing and got my certification to start a career at a real estate firm. With my marketing skills, I was able to generate commendable sales of more than $1,000,000 in the first 4 months. Since it was my passion, I continued for 6 years; every year was better than the previous one.
In 2019, I moved to Turkey to start my business, Bmark and saw immense growth in just two initial years. Worked on two big projects,Washeer and Epidea and expanded my business to new heights.

El Hajjar


El Hajjar

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With my professionalism and amazing marketing skills, I jumped into work on products and, in 2021, began with my second project, İCU smart glasses and in 2022,my third project, 99 translation earbuds.
These initiatives always encourage me to move forward and explore the world. Working as an entrepreneur was always my dream, and with my passion, I must say I achieved it swiftly. For my love of marketing and business, I came up to become a marketing consultant and help achieve my fellow business the same growth and popularity thatI have gained over the past many years.
I know it’s not easy to consult for someone’s business, but with knowledge, expertise and an aim, it becomes achievable.
I would love to work as part of your team rather than a third party, dive deep into your business to the core problems and bring out the best solutions to grow and escalate your business success.

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After successfully accomplishing my goals as an entrepreneur, I want to use my skills and abilities to help businesses around me grow and succeed.
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Best Consulting Service
Best Consulting Service

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